Modern living in the Vale

Hello again,

Time for something a bit different. A modern 5 bed detached in the Vale Of Glamorgan, South Wales.

A bespoke contemporary build, they're always a challenge to floorplan but I love doing them, they're good fun! 

Everything's white, making an already large house seem even bigger. I love the large triangular windows at the rear of the property. A construction technique i would love to see more of and it is relatively inexpensive.

It was difficult to get a straight on shot of this one as you will see from the photo of the drive there is a big dividing wall preventing access, i also couldn't get a shot from the right, but i got some decent shots none the less, gotta work with what ya got sometimes.

Also there are some properties i could take 50+ photos because they are so big and theres lots of good angles to be seen, including this one. The client on this occasion i think only asked for 20. The hardest part of my job sometimes is choosing which photos to send over, i can be debating which photos make the cut into the early hours! I think in the end i sent them 25.

There's only one angle of the kitchen in the set as these were the ones sent to the client. The others didn't make the cut!

Until next time.

Photos and floorplan by Doc Property.

Technique: Single exposure, no flash. 

Client: Tepilo


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