Fine & Country

Hi folks,

I work for 2 Fine & Country offices within my area, If you are unfamiliar with the Fine & Country brand, they only market prestige high end properties, usually multi-million pound properties that require extra care and attention when it comes to marketing.

I was in this particular property for a few hours, carrying out the photos, floorplan and EPC in one visit. It's a lot of work doing the 3 different services in one go, but I will speak to my clients before my visit to prepare them just to make sure they can accommodate me.

I would have loved to have set up the hot tub on this one and taken a few more lifestyle shots but it was out of action on the day! What a shame.

This property started off life as a 2 up 2 down cottage ( I bet you can't tell!) I've lost count on the extensions..

Next time.


Photos, floorplan and EPC by Doc Property.

Technique: Single exposure, no flash.

Client: Fine & Country

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